Hi, I'm Mr. Goldenhour,

My real name is Ruben Oliveira, and I was born in a small seaside town in the north of Portugal.

From the very beginning, I was born with a profound passion for art and music.

As a child, I started expressing myself through drawing, and the moment I held a camera in my hands for the first time, I knew I had found my calling,

My journey has been a continuous exploration of the magic that unfolds through the lens. For me, capturing a love story is about freezing those ephemeral moments and turning them into immortal memories. Photography it's a lifelong commitment that has been an integral part of my existence since day one.

In every click, I seek to infuse emotion, telling a unique story that goes beyond the visual.

My passion lies in creating collections that are not just pictures but reflections of the genuine emotions and connections that bind people together.

Here's to celebrating life through the lens!